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Het Brouwhuis Is Passion

Most beers made in Belgium are unique in terms of taste, character, color and the glass they are served in. Drinking beer in Belgium is not about getting drunk: it is an essential part of social life, culture and tradition.

The specialty beer category is a category of beer which continues to outperform the global beer market – with growth limited only by capacity and not by demand. Belgium plays a pivotal role in this. It is world renowned for its wide selection of specialty beers, and also sits at the cutting edge of taste and technological innovation in the beer market.

We at “Het Brouwhuis” want to bring this entire experience to you and your customers. Not to replace anything – rather to enhance what is already there. Belgians have never been conquerors...

We are passionate about Belgian beer.
We are passionate about the limitless varieties in taste and colors.
We are passionate about the almost endless food pairing possibilities.

We aim to bring this passion to you and your customers. Whether you want to open up a Belgian beer pub, supply your customers with Belgian beer through your shop, organize an event with Belgian beer tasting or organize a Belgian Beermonth ... we are here to make this happen for and with you!

Cheers! Gezonheid! Zum wohl! Okole maluna! Na zdrowie! A votre santé!


What We Provide?

  • Unique Belgian Beer pub franchise. Be the first in your city!
  • Belgian Beer month. Organize one in your pub or restaurant and attract more customers.
  • One-stop-shop for Belgian Beer and associated products. Look no further, we can source any Belgian Beer to your door.
  • Corporate events and parties. Look no further - we can help you make your events and parties an unforgettable experience.

Belgian Beer Culture


In Belgium, beer is more than just a drink. It is part of the culture. There are so many different kinds of beers that we have lost count. Belgium has an excellent and unprecedented reputation for specialty beers since the middle ages when monks in monasteries brewed different beers.

Today the tradition lives on and is preserved by the same monks in their monasteries,